aprile 2010

Search neutrality? How Google became a “neutrality” target

aprile 30th, 2010|

Mi sembra una posizione interessante sulla quale avrebbe senso fare una riflessione approfondita.
Search neutrality? How Google became a “neutrality” target: “If ISPs should be subject to ‘net neutrality,’ should companies like Google be subject to ‘search neutrality’?

When we wrote recently about the idea of ‘search neutrality,’ some readers seemed to believe that we had […]

Tempi bui

aprile 30th, 2010|

CHICAGO BLOG » Uno scenario esplosivo, da buona notte a tutti: “Prima un antipasto, questo bel Martin Feldstein che Dio ce lo preservi alungo, in cui aritmetica alla mano spiega come equalmente la Grecia ormai non ce la può fare, e andrà comunque al default dopo aver aspettato tanto. Ma dopo che vi siete […]

Vittima di iPad e Android?

aprile 30th, 2010|

Did iPad kill the Courier tablet?: “Microsoft’s Courier project was an exciting and fascinating concept. When it first appeared last year, the folding two-screen tablet was one of the most incredible things we’ve seen out of Redmond for a long time. Similar in concept to Apple’s Knowledge Navigator concept device, Courier used a combination […]

How the Tablet Will Change the World

aprile 28th, 2010|

Articolo interessante e da leggere. Qui mi sembra di sentire Giorgio De Michelis quando parla di ItsMe.
How the Tablet Will Change the World | Magazine: “The fact is, the way we use computers is outmoded. The graphical user interface that’s still part of our daily existence was forged in the 1960s and ’70s, even […]

“Fair use” generates trillions in the US alone

aprile 27th, 2010|

“Fair use” generates trillions in the US alone: “When pressing Congress to ratchet up the legal screws on infringers, copyright holders are fond of touting apocalyptic reports about how piracy is destroying their industries—and the US economy.

But strengthening the nation’s intellectual property laws isn’t just a matter of cracking down ever harder, of limiting […]

La carica di Android

aprile 27th, 2010|

AdMob: Android Passes iPhone Web Traffic In U.S.: “As we noted earlier, mobile ad network AdMob has released its monthly mobile metrics report for March, which takes a close look at Android OS traffic. One interesting stat that was hidden in the report was that Android ad traffic overtook iPhone traffic in the U.S. […]

Il ruolo delle tecnologie

aprile 26th, 2010|

Interessante intervista di McKinsey Quarterly al CEO di Schlumberger.

The Quarterly: What are some of the specific actions you take in your leadership style to influence people in your company?

Andrew Gould: I think successful companies have to have clear values. The first value is that technology is the basis of our competitive success. The […]

iDevices making up more and more of Apple’s revenue

aprile 26th, 2010|

Avevo letto questa notizia giorni fa, ma non avevo avuto tempo di postarla. Mi sembra un diagramma illuminante, sia per capire le dinamiche nel corso di un anno (si vede bene la “holiday season”, cioè Natale) sia per capire come stia cambiando Apple.

E si capisce perché Jobs dice che Apple è ormai una impresa […]