Mese: aprile 2010


CHICAGO BLOG » Uno scenario esplosivo, da buona notte a tutti: “Prima un antipasto, questo bel Martin Feldstein che Dio ce lo preservi alungo, in cui aritmetica alla mano spiega…

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Did iPad kill the Courier tablet?: “Microsoft’s Courier project was an exciting and fascinating concept. When it first appeared last year, the folding two-screen tablet was one of the most…

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AdMob: Android Passes iPhone Web Traffic In U.S.: “As we noted earlier, mobile ad network AdMob has released its monthly mobile metrics report for March, which takes a close look…

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Interessante intervista di McKinsey Quarterly al CEO di Schlumberger. The Quarterly: What are some of the specific actions you take in your leadership style to influence people in your company?…

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