Why Obama Can’t Ignore Education Tech

Invece di farvi auguri, vi rifilo un’altra cosa da leggere.

Why Obama Can’t Ignore Education Tech – BusinessWeek: “For his book Grown Up Digital, author Don Tapscott surveyed or interviewed 10,000 young people from 10 countries about their reliance on technology. ‘I came to the conclusion,’ he said, ‘that technology is not technology to these kids. It’s like the air.’

As President-elect Obama and the new Congress develop a recovery package, they should leverage the pervasive power of technology and invest in education—specifically education technology—a proven way to generate significant, widespread economic benefits by preparing the workforce for tomorrow’s challenges.

While the primary purpose of the economic recovery package will be to motivate job creation and the economy in a one-to-two-year period, it is equally as important to include measures that generate growth and prosperity for many years to come. A carefully constructed federal investment of $20 billion to $36 billion in education technology, in schools, can meet the short-term stimulus requirements and strengthen our economy for the long term.”

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