Play is serious business

Da The Red Rubber Ball at Work, di Kevin Carroll. È un libro stimolante.

Certe sue affermazioni devono essere prese con intelligenza e non in modo superficiale. Ma certamente sono stimoli sui quali riflettere.

Think back to your childhood and to the years dominated by playtime, when there were endless hours to fill and the only agenda was to be captivated in the moment, to have fun. Playtime was also productive time, even if as kids we did not realize it. What we thought was entertaining was also instructiv. Activities we called soccer, tap dancing, marbles, double-dutch, blocks, and tag were also exercises in resourcefulness, planning, strategy, design, planning, strategy, design, decision making, creativity, and risk taking.

In play we did not avoid obstacles, we looked for them by voluntarily challenging ourselves. We eagerly tackled insurmountable odds – height, speed, lack of money – to make our desires reality.


Far from frivolous time, childhood activities were constructive because they strengthened our resolve as well as our skills. Play gave us courage and instilled confidence. No doubt about it, play […] required us to invent, analyze, innovate, socialize, plan, and problem solve.

These are among the very same skills required of us at work.


I believe that you can want to work just as you once wanted to play. The result: jobs that feel more like fun than like drudgery, workplace satisfaction, increase employee retention, and, ultimately, more innovative, successful companies.

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